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About Me

Well, to be honest, I'm only putting this here because my profile looks lopsided without something under my name block.

Name: Paul V.
Birthday: May 12
Aliases: Pero the Cat; Pero the Shnoo; The Demon Firebrand; Mayor Squaresly
Current Avatar: Galford from Samurai Shodown

My screen name comes from the Toei mascot character, Pero, who was in the Puss N Boots NES game, which had an episode of Captain N based on it. I've been using the name since about 1998 on various sites to which I am registered. Back when I first chose it, he was not a very well-known character, so most people I met didn't know where the name was taken from. If you're wondering how to properly address me, both Pero and Paul, my real first name, are acceptable and I have no preference for which you use. I also sometimes (though much more rarely now) go by "The Demon Firebrand", after the character from the Gargoyle's Quest series.

I work in customer service. My job is rather uninteresting, although I'm told I have the perfect voice for phone work. It doesn't really match what I look like, though, lol.

I do not have a website of my own, but I have access to this one:

As of right now, I've not actually done anything there, except had a few reviews and game ideas of mine archived, which is the main purpose of the site - a community archive. I am also now a moderator of the site's forums.

Hmm...anything else? Well, I'm Puerto Rican-American, of Spanish and African descent, if that means anything to you. I'm kind of shy, so I apologize if my reserved nature makes me seem rather awkward.

My Hobbies

Co-Admin: & Port Saiid
My Twitter: @Pero_Velasquez
My Yuku Board: Pero's Forums for the Incredibly Bored

Video Games are my primary hobby, but pretty much entirely from the 32/64-bit era and back. I have an NES, Super NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, and Sony Playstation. I still collect games and play games for these systems as time and money allows.

My secondary hobby is Music. While I am mostly a fan of pop/rock from the 60s-90s era, I also like some oldies, movie soundtracks and musicals, and video game music, of course. I have a lot of real guilty pleasures in my collection, too, so you don't have to worry that I'd ever make fun of your own tastes, no matter how unusual you think it is.

My third hobby is Movies, and I particularly like classics, comedies, action/adventure, sci-fi, and westerns.

I also have a black and white cat named Popeye who is my best friend in the whole world, and I spend way too much time on internet humor sites.


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    James FP

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    Next to my wife and brother, Paul is my best friend on the whole internet. He's a really sweet and honest guy, so please be nice to him.

    Love you, Papi Chulo
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    James FP

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